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Airflow Chrysler & DeSoto: A History in Advertising 1934-37 Price - 19.95 USD Walter Chrysler's attempt to leap into the 21st Century was an engineering success and a marketing failure, but they sure tried hard. Here are over 115 ads for the Airflows from Chrysler and DeSoto.
American Airlines: The Prop Era 1931-60 A History in Advertising Price - 19.95 USD Begun as American Airways; became American Airlines in 1934. Featured Douglas aircraft, but also flew Vultee, Ford Tri-motor, Convair, Curtiss-Wright and Lockheed Electra. Over 300 ads in color & black-and-white.
Auburn Cord Duesenberg: A History in Advertising 1926-37 Price - 19.95 USD The E. L. Cord years at Auburn produced three of America's most exciting and unusual cars. When front-wheel drive went away in 1937, it was more than two decades before it returned. Over 110 ads in color & black-and-white.
Austin-Healey: A History in Advertising 1954-69 Price - 19.95 USD Arriving from England a few years after the MG taught Americans about sportscars, the Austin-Healey took its place among the top ranks, a peck below the Jaguar. 85 ads from the U. S. & England. Includes 100-4, 100-6, 3000 & Sprite.
Autocar Trucks: A History in Advertising 1937-1948 Price - 19.95 USD "Hey, Daddy, lookit the big truck!" And these were big ones: Autocar made great trucks and beautifully illustrated ads from 1937-1948. Over 70 scans, almost all in color.
B-17 Flying Fortress: A History in Advertising 1937-46 Price - 19.95 USD 170 color & black-and-white ads featuring the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. Shows ads by Boeing and its component suppliers, including Studebaker, Allis-Chalmers, Bendix, Goodyear and many others. Includes the first ad showing a B-17 from 1937.
Beechcraft: A History in Advertising 1943-1969 Price - 19.95 USD Over 200 ads in color and black-and-white documenting the rise of Beechcraft. Includes: AT-7, AT-10, AT-11, Baron, Bonanza, C-45, Debonair, F-2, Jet Mentor T-73, King Air, Model 17, Model 18, Musketeer, Queen Air, Super 18, Travel Air and Twin Bonanza.
Bell P-39 Airacobra: A History in Advertising 1941-45 Price - 19.95 USD The Flying Cannon, the P-39 was the only American fighter with a 37mm cannon firing explosive shells. An unusual engine-behind-the-pilot made it tricky to fly, but it was a useful strafing fighter in Europe and the Pacific. 95 ads in color & black-&-white
BMW: A History in Advertising 1964-1974 Price - 19.95 USD Arresting advertising for a car that delivered what it said: the ability to get arrested for cruising all day at 100mph. Over 100 ads for 1600, 2002, 2800, Bavaria, 3.0CS and others. From American, French and British publications.
Bob Hope: A Tribute in Advertising 1941-1984 Price - 17.95 USD Bob Hope endorsed more products that about any other celebrity we've come across. Here are 70 ads for products and movies Bob appeared in between 1941 and 1984. A dollar from the sale of each CD goes to the U.S.O. in Bob's memory.
Boeing Stratocruiser: A History in Advertising 1945-1956 Price - 19.95 USD Based on the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, the Stratocruiser was the limousine of the air and opened the Pacific and the Far East to air travel immediately after World War II. The unique double-deck design featured a lounge below stairs. 165 different ads.
Buick for 1955: A History in Advertising Price - 19.95 USD Made famous in the 1950s as driven by Broderick Crawford as Chief Dan Matthews on "Highway Patrol". Made up-to-date by comedian Jay Leno in the 1990s with a 620hp crate engine. Over 100 ads for the 3rd Leading Seller of 1955!
Buick for 1956: A History in Advertising Price - 19.95 USD The best-selling Buick of all time was refined and modestly improved for 1956. Once again, the great illustrations carried the message of zoom and room. Over 85 ads, including Canadian and Sunday newspaper magazine ones.
Buick for 1957: A History in Advertising Price - 19.95 USD Longer, lower, more powerful! Introductory year for the Caballero Station Wagon and the top-of-the-line Roadmaster 75. Over sixty different ads in color and black-and-white.
Buick Riviera: A History in Advertising 1963-1985 Price - 19.95 USD The Buick Riviera redefined the personal luxury car, both in appearance and performance. This CD includes 95 color and black-and-white ads.
Buick Riviera: L'Histoire par les Publicit?s: 1963-1985 Price - 17.95 USD Our Riviera CD is now available with French text in the essay.
Camaro: A History in Advertising 1967-81 Price - 19.95 USD 160 color and black-and-white ads for the Bowtie Ponycar, from the introduction through the last Z28 before downsizing. Uncommon racing program and Canadian ads included. An essential reference for the Camaro enthusiast.
Candy Bars: A Survey in Advertising 1931-1969 Price - 17.95 USD See the ads that sold you your favorite candy bar: Almond Joy, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Mars Bar, M&Ms, Milky Way, Mounds, Nestle, Clark Bar & more. 100 ads, almost all in color.
Cessna: A History in Advertising 1942-1969 Price - 19.95 USD Over 140 color and black-and-white ads documenting the company including these models: 120, 140, 150, 170, 172, 175, 180, 182, 190, 195, 205, 210, 310, 330, 411, Car of the Air, Skylane, Skyknight, Skymaster, Skyhawk, Skywagon, T-37, T-50 & U-3A.
Chevelle: A History in Advertising 1964-1977 Price - 19.95 USD The original mid-size car, but in reality the 1955-57 Chevrolet brought back to life: same wheelbase, track, length, similar V8. And once the 396 came along, whooooooooooosh! 200 ads in color and black-and-white including many rare ones.
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