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Corvette 1953-1962: A History in Advertising Price - 19.95 USD A 1953 showcar turned reality, the Corvette became the Only True American Sports Car in 1954 and remains so today. Some 220 color and black-and-white magazine and newspaper ads document the first two generations.
Corvette 1963-1967: A History in Advertising Price - 19.95 USD The next generation Corvette, from 1963-1967, gave the world the incomparable Sting Ray coupe and, eventually, the 427 engine. Over 100 ads in color & black-and-white document the development.
Corvette 1968-1982: A History in Advertising Price - 19.95 USD The most durable shape for a Corvette debuted in 1968 and, right until the end, it never looked out of date. Some 90 ads show the car in all its forms including two Chevrolet ads from 1976 showing the 'Vette, the one year the car had no ad of its own.
DeSoto: A History in Advertising 1946-1961 Price - 19.95 USD From those great fluid drive DeSotos of the late 40s through the finned wonders of the late 1950s, DeSoto made some of the most rugged and dependable cars in the postwar years. Over 215 ads in color and black-and-white.
Edsel 1958-1960: A History in Advertising Price - 19.95 USD Maybe the biggest marketing blunder ever made by an American carmaker, the Edsel was a failure that nobody has forgotten, including the people who still love theirs and always will. Eighty ads, including some rare ones.
Farm Tractors of the 1950s: An Advertising Survey Price - 17.95 USD Farming changed in the 1950s and so did its machines. Newer and better tractors came along to excite the little boy in us all. Here are 100 ads from the period, capturing Case, John Deere, Ford, Ferguson, Oliver, Farmall, Massey-Harris and more.
Ford Mercury Lincoln Edsel Archives of Advertising poster 2007 Price - 12.95 USD 11x17" full-color poster on heavy paper. Prepared for our use at the Edsel 50th Anniversary gathering in Dearborn, July 2007. Shipped in a mailing tube. Reproduces the covers of all our CDs with FoMoCo products.
Ford Ranchero 1957-1979 A History in Advertising Price - 19.95 USD It's a car! It's a truck! It's both! It's full-size! It's compact! It's mid-size! It hauls manure! It hauls fanny! Ah, Ranchero, you are so many things. Here are over 85 color & black-and-white ads documenting one of Ford's most unusual vehicles.
Ford Thunderbird 1958 1959 1960: A History in Advertising Price - 19.95 USD Thunderbird in 1958 defined The Personal Luxury Car: a slightly-smaller-than-full-size motorcar with passenger space for four (not five or six), upscale appointments, full gadgetry, and above average performance among its peers. Over 80 ads.
Ford V-8: A History in Advertising 1934-1939 Price - 19.95 USD Henry Ford's first V-8 cars weren't advertised in America until he'd gotten it right: January 1934. Includes over 160 color and black-and-white ads from the U. S., Britain and France. Fordors, Tudors, Roadsters, Convertible Sedans, Convertibles, etc.
General Motors Archives of Advertising Poster 2007 Price - 12.95 USD 11x17" full-color poster on heavy paper. Prepared for our use at the Edsel 50th Anniversary gathering in Dearborn, July 2007. Shipped in a mailing tube. Reproduces the covers of all our CDs with General Motors products: Buick, Camaro, Chevrolet, Corvette,
Greyhound: A History in Advertising 1930-1956 Price - 19.95 USD A history of the Greyhound Lines bus company from the Thirties through the Fifties. Ads showing their wonderful buses, up to and including the Scenicruiser, introduced in 1954. Greyhound name used with the permission of Greyhound, Inc.
Hudson: A History in Advertising 1946-1957 Price - 19.95 USD Hudson emerged from World War II as one of several independents fighting the Big 3. Like Packard, Nash and Studebaker, they were limited by a narrow product line. Yet Hudson produced some remarkable trend-setting and stock car champion cars. Over 125 ads.
Imperial: A History in Advertising 1950-1974 Price - 19.95 USD Over 295 color & black-and-white ads for the top-of-the-line Chrysler, including limousine ads and the biggest fins of any car ever made.
Independent Cars & Trucks Poster 2007 Price - 12.95 USD Includes Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg, Autocar, Hudson, Jeep Station Wagon, Jordan, Kaiser-Frazer, Mack, Nash, Packard, Pierce-Arrow, Studebaker High Performance & Studebaker Trucks. 11x17" full-color poster on heavy paper. Prepared for our use at the Edsel 50t
Jaguar XK: A History in Advertising 1949-1974 Price - 19.95 USD Jaguar entered the postwar sportscar arena at the top with the XK-120 and maintained that status through the end of last XK-E series in 1974. Includes XK-120, XK-140, XK-150 and XK-E. Over 100 ads from America and Britain.
Jeep & Willys Station Wagon: A History in Advertising 1946-1962 Price - 19.95 USD The First and Original S. U. V.! The civilized Army Jeep! Just the thing for hunting, fishing, farming, and milady's trip to town for supplies. Over 100 ads.
Jordan: A History in Advertising 1917-1929 Price - 19.95 USD The most famous car ad ever, "Somewhere West of Laramie" made Ned Jordan rich and famous. Here are that ad and over 125 more from the Poet Laureate of Advertising Copywriters.
Kaiser-Frazer-Henry J: A History in Advertising 1946-55 Price - 19.95 USD Successful building Liberty ships in World War II, Henry J. Kaiser hoped to do likewise in cars. It didn?t work out, even after a merger with Willys, but Kaiser and partner Joseph W. Frazer, gave the world innovative cars like the Henry J & Kaiser-Darrin.
LaSalle: A History in Advertising 1927-1940 Price - 19.95 USD LaSalle was GM's attempt to fill the price gap between the top Buick and the lowest price Cadillac. It worked for a decade, then abruptly ended in 1940. Great car, starting with the original Harley Earl Hispano-Suiza-inspired styling. Over 130 ads.
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