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Lincoln 1961-1968: A History in Advertising Price - 19.95 USD The slab-sided Lincolns were timeless in appearance and offered the only four-door convertible in America. Over 125 ads in color from magazines, newspapers and auto show programs.
Lincoln Zephyr: A History in Advertising 1936-1942 Price - 19.95 USD Almost as streamlined as the Chrysler Airflow and just enough NOT streamlined to be a sales success. The teardrop without any tears! Over 80 ads in color and black-and-white including some from overseas.
Mack Trucks: History in Advertising 1938-60 Price - 19.95 USD "Built like a Mack Truck" is part of America's vehicular vernacular and it applies to more than just trucks. Here are over 170 ads, including over 75 fire truck ads, covering all types of Macks and all the wartime Peter Helck color ads.
Mercury 1949-1951: A History in Advertising Price - 19.95 USD James Dean drove one in "Rebel Without a Cause". Sylvester Stallone drove one in "Cobra". In between, the 1949-51 Mercury was the customizers favorite, lending itself elegantly to chops, channels, lowering, Frenched headlights, moon discs and lakes pipes.
Mercury 1957 1958 1959: A History in Advertising Price - 19.95 USD The Space Age arrives at FoMoCo. Gadgets, gizmos, knobs, buttons, anodized aluminum everywhere, and in 1858, a 400hp atom-smasher engine to propel you to the drive-in to watch a revival of "The Forbidden Planet". Over 85 ads including a couple for the Can
Mercury Comet: A History in Advertising 1960-71 Price - 19.95 USD Originally planned as an Edsel compact, the Mercury debuted in April 1960. Its mutations produced some truly high-performance cars, then spent half a decade as an unadvertised Mercury version of the Maverick.
MGB: A History in Advertising 1963-1980 Price - 19.95 USD MG created the American desire for the sports car, then lost all leadership by sticking with a 1250cc engine when others moved ahead. Way ahead. Still, the charm of the MG reached its peak with the MGB and MGB/GT. 120+ ads from U. S. & British sources.
Nash: A History in Advertising 1946-1957 Price - 19.95 USD This CD covers the last years of the true Nash, through 1957, and includes bathtub Nashes of 1949-52, Ramblers, plus Metropolitan and Nash-Healey. Over 230 color & black-and-white ads.
Oldsmobile Toronado: A History in Advertising 1966-85 Price - 19.95 USD America's first front-wheel drive car since the 1930s, the Olds Toronado combined strong performance and luxury, too. Over 100 scans from magazines and newspapers. Includes several rare ads from auto show programs.
Packard: A History in Advertising 1946-1958 Price - 19.95 USD Last of the independent luxury car makers, Packard maintained its allegiance to a soft, silent ride almost to the end. Its merger with Studebaker brought failure to both makes, a double loss for American car lovers. 175+ ads in color and black-and-white.
Pierce-Arrow: A History in Advertising 1904-1937 Price - 19.95 USD The great art patron among car makers in the first third of the 20th Century. N. C. Wyeth, Adolph Treidler, Edward Penfield and a score of other great illustrators all painted Pierces. Over 300 ads.
Plymouth Barracuda: A History in Advertising 1964-1974 Price - 19.95 USD Beating the Mustang to the showroom wasn't enough to make the Barracuda THE sporty car of the 1960s, but by the time the Hemi-Cuda rolled out in 1970, every Mustang, Camaro, Firebird and Javelin feared for their pink slips. 85+ color & black-&-white ads.
Plymouth High Performance: 1956-1974 Price - 19.95 USD The 1956 Fury kicked off a change in attitude at Plymouth, from being a Pilgrim Dowager to becoming a Honking Road Runner Superbird. In between, such legendary engines as the Sonoramic 383, 426 Wedge and Hemi made things interesting. Over 195 ads.
Plymouth Valiant & Duster: A History in Advertising 1960-75 Price - 19.95 USD Valiant arrived in model year 1960, facing Corvair and Falcon. At the Compact Car Races at Daytona in February? No contest! Valiants stomped! Duster debuted in 1970 with a mini-monster 340 V8. 190+ ads from USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia & France.
Pontiac Firebird: A History in Advertising 1967-1981 Price - 19.95 USD Over 75 different ads from American and Canadian magazines and newspapers. Born a few months after its cousin Camaro, the Firebird carved out its own identity with the Trans Am and all those neat hood decals.
Pontiac Grand Prix 1962-1977: A History in Advertising Price - 19.95 USD Pontiac loved taking European motorracing terms and making them its own. As a luxed-up Catalina or a narrow-fanny "personal luxury performance car", the Grand Prix kept its identity: a gentleman's carriage that could bop you in the nose if it felt like it
Pontiac GTO: A History in Advertising 1964-1974 Price - 19.95 USD 90 ads for the incomparable GTO, the car that pioneered the big engine-small body idea that led to so many great cars of the 1960s. Ads from American, Canadian and French magazines.
Porsche 911: A History in Advertising 1966-1985 Price - 19.95 USD Over 95 ads for this definitive German sports car, created in 1966 and still made today with about the same physical dimensions, a testament to Dr. Ferry Porsche's genius, yet now accommodating nearly three times the original's horsepower.
Studebaker High Performance: Speedster - Hawk - Avanti 1955-1964 Price - 19.95 USD Raymond Loewy's 1953 Starlight birthed the 1955 Speedster, which birthed the Hawks that followed. And the mindset at Studebaker then gave us the Avanti. Over 120 ads from USA, Canada and France tell the story. Includes Packard Hawk.
Studebaker Trucks: A History in Advertising 1946-1961 Price - 19.95 USD A colorful history in ads covering the first postwar Studebaker trucks, which were the same as the 1941-2 models, to the introduction in 1949 of the first truly modern-looking postwar trucks. 70+ images.
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